Smile always

The project"Smile always"is situated at Akili Preparatory School,in Obambo Kisumu county.The project provides opportunity for 60girls who are orphans semi-orphans, street children and poor children to live in congenial atmosphere with parental love to pursue their education.We provide food, shelter education and clothing for those girls, imparting moral values to strengthen them to become self-reliant.
Currently we have four grades from 5 to 8.Our target group are children between 10 to 16 years of age who are mislay their parents and poor families.
This community "Kanyawegi"poverty has always been recognized as the major cause of disease, death and disability.Large families in this place often face these problems and the earning members of the family unable to cope up with the situation and survival becomes difficult.The relief often comes in the form of death leaving the children as orphans and destitute.These children starve without shelter, food and clothing and roam a long the streets.

Financé par Homelessness (April 2020)