East Bay Mutual Aid Project

Disability Justice Culture Club is running a 17 person coordinated support system for 65+ people with disabilities, primarily people of color. Most people receive support at least weekly from low-risk volunteers living in homes where everyone is sheltering in place; volunteers provide grocery shopping, med pick up, light house cleaning, etc. Almost 400 people have signed up to volunteer. Additionally, we have distributing hand sanitizer, masks, disinfectant, meals and other supplies to high risk people who need them. We have distributed over 100+ kits and over 200+ meals. We are currently collecting sewn masks to distribute so high risk people have a washable mask and our n95s can be saved. We are partnering with other Oakland community organizations, like Black Liberation org Community Ready Corps, houseless-led orgs Poor Magazine and East Oakland Collective.

What our grantee is saying: "The support from the local chapter of the Awesome Foundation will help Disability Justice Cultural Club continue to support those most at risk amidst the rise of COVID-19; disabled, chronically ill, elders, poor and unhoused, Black, Indigenous and people of color to ensure the survival of the communities that are hardest hit. As an initial response DJCC, and volunteers, gathered at the beginning of March to assemble and distribute homemade coronavirus kits locally. Partnering with groups like East Oakland Collective, Community Ready Corps, 37MLK, Poor Magazine and advocates to get these kits out to people living in encampments.
We're also organizing, locally, efforts to protect and connect communities in emergencies by providing mutual aid support by connecting those who need support sheltering in place because of high risk with those willing to provide support who're lower risk. Groceries, medication pickup, financial help."

Financé par Disability (March 2020)