HerCastle is a celebration of women and the amazing things that they're doing. It is a safe platform for women to connect, share stories, ideas, experiences, work, life, social concerns, events, and to come together.

HerCastle was built after the realisation that there are so many women in Newcastle (and on a National scale) doing amazing things in all industries and we wanted to create a platform whereby we can highlight this work and bring women together. Women from all walks of life, age, industry, nationality etc. We have no boundaries. Our aim is to connect women and build a community where women support each other. Where we can identify social issues and talk about them in a safe space.

HerCastle is in the early stages and we are continuing to build our community. Having only launched a couple of weeks ago, we have reached 279 likes on Facebook, 295 Followers and an Instagram community. We have launched 2 International Womens Day events, 1 of which is close to selling out.
With our events, we aim to collaborate with other women and local business.

This is just the start for HerCastle!

Financé par Newcastle (March 2020)