Music Scholarship Project

In 2020, the Geelong Youth Choir are commencing an innovative program that will open doors for children to participate in a vibrant music education program, regardless of their background. Removing the barriers to access allows a diverse group of musical young people to come together with the time, space and resources to explore music at an advanced level. The group will work with local musicians and artists and gain valuable performance experience in a range of community events.

For this project, we networked with schools from across the region.

While the scholarships provide free tuition for our weekly sessions, we're unable to cover the costs of music camp fees for these children. We're now trying to find a way to reduce the overall cost of the music camp so all of the children are able to participate in this event.

The music camp provides children with opportunities to build valuable friendships and connections with a diverse group of peers, cultivating a sense of belonging and community. During the camp the children will be working with guest musicians and artists to create a 'Sound and Light Show' called "The Ether of Infinity", which they'll be performing at Geelong After Dark.

Financé par Geelong (January 2020)