D1aBosses is a Type 1 Diabetes support group for teens, helping teens in Marin County and The Bay Area. D1aBosses helps newly diagnosed and struggling teens adapt to the challenges that come with T1D. We have changed many kids lives and helped them adjust socially and emotionally to the daily struggles they face. D1aBosses has about fifteen teens and tweens with T1D who meet once a month and do fun activities and have lunch. Some of our past outings include go kart racing, bowling, mini golf, an escape room followed by having a meal together. Having a lunch is very important because the teens see how other teens count their carbs and dose for what they’re about to eat. Some kids are very timid or scared to dose themselves, they’re ashamed or painfully shy about it, which is why it’s important for them to see the secure and confident teens dose themselves and show them there’s nothing wrong with having this disease. Most teens wear continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps and we all end up showing off our pumps and comparing them. We all end up talking about it and even joking about it so it makes it less scary. Levity is an important part of our outing as well. It takes the seriousness out of the situation for the afternoon while we’re all together and it’s just teens being teens. It’s so important to hang out with people who are experiencing the same struggles. Members of this group can also choose to be part of a “Rapid Response Team” (RRT) who will be available to comfort newly diagnosed teens in person or via Skype, in the hospital or at home. We are currently in conversation with UCSF, Stanford and Marin General about how we can work together.

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