The Golden Hour

WHAT: I want to produce a San Francisco version (The Golden Hour) of my established Oakland show (Oakland Nights...Live!). It will have all the fun elements of a talk show including a house band, an announcer, and regular guest spots.

WHO: Collaborators include Julie Crossman, Christi Ginger, Marcus Philips, Patrick Ewing, Karina van Schaardenburg, and Lloyd Rivera.

WHY: The aim is to highlight the artists, academics, activists, and communities of SF in a fun and entertaining way. The Oakland show has created a lot of interest / demand for a San Francisco version.

WHEN: The show will be held every third Saturday of the month.

WHERE / HOW: This is where we need help. We're currently booking guests and creating sets. But before we can start we need a venue. Depending on the venue we may need sound and projection equipment. An Awesome Grant would enable us to rent a space for our first show.

The show I do in Oakland is performed live. That means no internet viewing, no podcast, no TV, no radio - it's all live! It's called Oakland Nights...Live! and has a monthly audience of about 100 - 150 people. It's a little bit Johnny Carson, a little bit Pee Wee Herman, and a lot Oakland.

Financé par San Francisco, CA (August 2012)