Let's Make our Mariachi Awesome

Our project consists of supporting a new program at our school. Our school is a Title I school; at least 95 % receive free or reduced lunch, because the family income is below the poverty level. We have a great number of students who are new to our country. Our school serves one of the highest number of refugee students that come from all over the world. In addition to refugees we have a large population from Latin America. Our school started a Mariachi program last year, but the school is not able to fund the program due to lack of funds. Last year the Mariachi band participated in UIL competition for the first time. Unlike other groups, who were dressed in beautiful professional Mariachi outfits, our students were wearing makeshift outfits. We would love to to be able to provide the same presentation to our students as they perform. It would greatly enhance our student's commitment to the program by showing our pride and ability to improve our overal appearance.

Financé par Austin, TX (November 2019)