Denton Decor

Awesome Digby Neck is pleased to announce that Denton Decor is the winning project for the second grant award of $1000. The grant will aid Jody Denton, a resident of Little River, in the creation of a local business offering painting and landscaping services to Digby Neck and beyond.
Success stories are key in encouraging others to take a risk with a good idea, big or small, grand or simple. We are excited to see a new small business start up on Digby Neck. We need people to see that this kind of entrepreneurial initiative is key to keeping families in homes and kids in classrooms, helping Digby Neck develop as a community that offers a variety of services to its residents year round. 
You can contact Denton Decor at 902-834-2187 or

Financé par Digby Neck, NS (September 2019)