Free Plastic Shredder Upgrade

Plastic is everywhere, and through our natural & organic farming practices, we harvest this powerful manufacturing material directly from our local environment. Free Plastic then converts our naturally-sourced plastics into usable objects to cherish through the ages.

Our mission is to locate, collect, and upcycle the nearly endless supply of plastic pollution found in our local environment, converting it into usable objects and works of art, and we seek to create community-based upcycling and prototyping centers for locally-sourced plastics and plastic pollution.

Our plastics arrive to us by way of our partnering plastic farmers at Sun of a Beach Cleanup, LLC. Once the plastic is sorted out from the other types of farmed pollution, it is delivered to Free Plastic to begin it’s next journey where we sort, shred, give it all a good wash & dry, and then box the plastics until they are ready to be melted down into new objects.

For plastics too polluted and/or specific types of plastics (ABS, PVC, etc), we do the same sort/shred/clean/box process, but we store these to be used in our epoxy pours -- like our new art series titled "Plastic Ocean".

Our goal is to eventually be able to accept community plastics as well as our farmed plastic pollution. WLRN tells us that Miami-Dade County has only an 18% recycle rate for collected waste and that Waste Management contracts with most of the cities of Broward County have provisions that allow the hauler to decide if the recyclables go to their recycling plant or to the landfill.*.

Bottom line, many of our recyclables are not being recycled, and some cities in South Florida don’t even waste the energy attempting to recycle their plastics.* Add the troubling volume of plastic pollution being farmed from our beaches everyday, and the only answer left is to act locally.

Free Plastic is organically farmed plastic. No GMO's. No hormones. No pesticides. All community.

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