Veganism in Chile! Local Plant-Based Lifestyle

Vegetarianos Foundation is a chilean nonprofit educating, promoting a plant-based lifestyle in our country and Latin America. We are the only organization working on dietary changes in the region, which we consider extremely important as it has been greatly affected by the meat industry, rainforest deforestation been one of the most remarkable.
As veganism has grown in Chile, we have found the need to bring closer the movement to our local costumes and reality. That is why we are planning a whole plant-based activities cycle! From August to December we are going to hold cooking workshops and film/documentaries screening.
With the cooking workshops we will involve our community with recipes that use the available and local ingredients in our country, showing you don´t need foreign or extravagant ingredients to prepare delicious, nutritious, affordable meals. We are going to use special dates and celebrations to develop different workshops themes: August World Plant-Based Milk, September our independence celebration, October World Vegetarian Day, November World Vegan Day and December Christmas/New Year. With this we will inspire people to prepare and share the recipes they learn.
At the same time, not many vegan films and documentaries reach Chile or are available in spanish online and it’s our work to bring them to the general public who cannot access them. Because of this will hold one open screening each month: vegan documentaries or films that cover health, environment and ethnics themes; not only this but after each screening we will have a small panel with different guests to debate and answer questions from the public.
The objective of our project is to involve our community in interactive activities that promote a plant-based lifestyle in an inclusive way. Our foundation has more that 100.000 followers on Instagram and we want to impact them with concrete actions, to meet them, learn about them and reach new people with our workshops and screenings.

Financé par Vegan (July 2019)