•“brunchaus” is a quarterly daytime brunch and electronic house music event series in Pittsburgh with 2 successful events in 2018.

•goals / objectives: brunchaus artfully highlights seasonal produce and increases access to fresh vegetarian/vegan food in Pittsburgh. brunchaus facilitates new connections by creating an open and comfortable space for locals and visitors to gather and try new things (food, music, art), relax, and experience their own personal adventure. All are encouraged to explore their own personal interests with the support and company of open and non-judgmental individuals.

•brunch: for brunchaus, we procure seasonal, sustainable, and often rescued produce from distributor Hungry Harvest at wholesale prices to create vibrant and tasty plant-based meals and beverages with gluten free options available.

•music / entertainment: local and regional musical artists such as Boo Lean, Davis, DJ Marie, and 0h85 play funk, disco, and electronic house music adding a lively and welcoming tone to this home-y event. Community craft projects, such as collaborative drawing, encourage people to actively and creatively interact with one another throughout the event.

•logistics: members of Queerling Collective donate the use of their equipment and time at each event. Volunteers are encouraged to help with set-up, food preparation, and break-down with the shared intention of learning to operate technical aspects involved in DIY events. At past brunch events, we have requested attendees to donate as able to cover the cost of production. So far, all of the donations went towards the cost of food. Essentially, we had a bounty of produce, but were unable to monetarily support the DJs, chefs, and event managers. As a token of gratitude, we encouraged these folks to take whatever remaining produce they desired.

•community investment: this season, we will donate all unused produce to 412 Food Rescue to further share these resources with the local community.

Financé par Pittsburgh, PA (June 2019)