Help Me Escape

The purpose of our “Help Me Escape” project is to help victims who are fleeing from an abusive situation as well as raise awareness. Our number one goal for each victim is safety. We want to help victims escape as safely and effectively as possible. Wither the victim has decided to leave or stay this project will help them heal through awareness, counseling, prayer, and a victim to victim support group. Every Tuesday, we hold a support group for victims. Each victim is given a book titled “Pray Your Way Out, The Journey Escape.” Based on a true story, this book will take the victims on a journey of another victim’s story and teach them the power of prayer. It will be a mirror effect for the victims as they find themselves in the story. The book will help them begin their healing process as well as empower them. In addition to this book, each victim will receive personal journals, a thirty-seven-day affirmation calendar to help encourage them through the process. In addition to our support group, we also offer extended support. Our goal is to equip the victim with their most essential needs when escaping. Some of our extended support services are as follows:
*Transportation Assistance
*Utility Assistance
*Relocation Assistance
*Food Assistance

It’s important to mention that the economic status of most victims is impacted as their abuser is usually the sole provider. Some victims are forced to go to shelters, some can find safety with close familys, and unfourtnately some don't make it out alive. There is a 75% chance a victim will die while escaping their abuser. We help victims escape from everywhere and will get a victim to where ever they feel safe even if it's in another state.

Lastly, we're dedicated to raising awareness. We have victim escape doors in our office to depict the different faces of abuse. We take these doors to schools and speaking engagements to show abuse can happen to any race, age, gender, size, and financial status.

Financé par Birmingham, AL (April 2019)