Star Stories Live, a Podcast

Media Art Xploration, Inc. (MAX), in partnership with Notes for Notes and its Program Director Bisi Obateru, is seeking funding for “Star Stories Live, a Podcast.” This live sound installation created by youth from the Excelsior Chapter of The Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco will compliment the “Star Stories” installation created by the Boys and Girls Club of the Rosebud Reservation and both will be presented at MAX 2019: A Space Festival - each its own take on the stars and their relationship to our planet earth.

Through “Star Stories” MAX is bringing Lakota youth from Rosebud to one of its venues, The California Academy of Sciences, to share their traditional Star Knowledge and present alternative perspectives of space and discovery. The Lakota youth will present their celestially inspired work and experience the impact their stories can have.

The Awesome Project ,“Star Stories Live, A Podcast,” enables Notes for Notes to leverage “Star Stories” and engage San Francisco youth by setting up an interactive storytelling and recording installment at the Festival in Cal Academy. It will enable young people to connect across cultures and produce a series of podcasts exploring the Lakota star stories and those of visitors to the exhibition.

San Francisco youth participants will have the chance to learn how to build their own podcast in a professional recording studio. By participating in the Notes for Notes podcasting program, they will learn everything from researching, to interviewing and audio engineering. Youth will work directly with skilled mentors to interact and story tell with others confidently as they explore the stars.

Financé par San Francisco, CA (January 2019)