Boston Women's Memorial Statue Fashion Show

The Boston Women's Memorial was erected in October 2003. The memorial is located in the Commonwealth Avenue Mall park in the Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood. Artist Meredith Bergman sculpted three statues in the likenesses of Phillis Wheatley, Abigail Adams, and Lucy Stone.

Typically fashion shows are noted for famed "catwalk" and movement of a often female figure. I would like to have a fashion show and invite others to (temporarily) add a meaningful piece of clothing to one (or all) of the statues featured in the Boston Women's Memorial. Fashion designers are also invited to create original pieces for Phyllis, Abby, and Lucy. They're great women but their style is admitted a little outdated!

Participants will be photographed with the garbed statue(s) and asked a reply to a short questionnaire about their personal connection to the women and history represented by the Boston Women's Memorial. Additionally, this statue fashion show project will help raise winter coat donations (and awareness) for Boston citizens experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. New/gently-used outwear donations from this statue fashion show project will be donated to emergency shelters in Boston.

I will personally contribute a dinosaur-related piece of clothing to the statues.

Financé par Boston, MA (November 2018)