Music Therapy for the Elderly

I am currently disabled. I am however able to visit nursing homes and play music for our elderly folk and have had amazing positive results to their health. In some instances we have had them up dancing ( those that are mobile ) to some old Elvis tunes. It has been very rewarding.

This information below is being stated by many medical experts :-

"How Music Therapy is Beneficial to Seniors
Music therapy can promote better physical and mental health in a variety of ways by:

Relieving boredom
Motivating movement
Rekindling positive memories
Shifting negative thinking patterns
Calming nervousness
Encouraging happy thoughts
Promoting social interaction"

My wife and I have found it very rewarding and we now have 5 facilities that we play in. We are in need of some equipment for this project. We have been using borrowed equipment which needs to be returned. Currently I am injured and unable to work and this gives me a sense of purpose.

Thank you for considering my project.

Financé par Sydney (November 2018)