Uz: The Town

Uz: The Town by Gabriel Calderon
17-20 & 22 September, 2018
New Theatre, 542 King St Newtown

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Uz: The Town, by award-winning Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderon, is being translated to English for the first time by director Veronica Barac and making its Australian premiere at the 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival.

Uz: The Town is a dark comedy that follows a provincial woman, Grace, who is ordered by God to prove her devotion by performing a heinous act against her family. The resulting chain of events is a wickedly satirical romp exploring religious faith, homosexuality, morality, and small town dynamics.

In the sleepy town of Uz reigns harmony, good manners and a love of God. There lives Grace, mother, perfect wife, and township role model. She lives with her loving husband Jack, her son Thomas and daughter Dorothy. Peace shatters in Uz when God, picking up on biblical stories of Abraham and Job, speaks to Grace and asks her to prove her faith by killing one of her children. Suddenly the local butcher, his daughter, nosey neighbours, and a questionable priest come into the picture, destabilising the predictable facade of each character.

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