French Tourism Booklet on Annapolis Royal & Area

Genealogy Tourism, sometimes called roots tourism, is a segment of the tourism market consisting of tourists who have ancestral connections to their holiday destination. These genealogy tourists travel to the land of their ancestors to reconnect with their past and "walk in the footsteps of their forefathers".

We are fortunate to have strong ancestral connections with France, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Acadie and parts of the US such as Louisiana and Maine. In 2017, from 16,000 to 18,000 people visited the Visitor Information Centre in Annapolis Royal. We are developing a French booklet that will cover the history of the area, the many cultural and heritage assets, the activities, and the international and provincial prizes that have been won over the years.

What is unique about thisproject is that the presenters are from the home town of Pierre Duguas de Mons who helped to establish Port Royal. They are in a position to personally explore both of these big book ends in history and to deliver the first French tourism materials to the Town and area.

Financé par Annapolis, NS (June 2018)