Burn Your Money – The Right Way

Who says money can't bring you happiness? It can. If you burn it right.

By "Burning money" I don't mean taking a lighter to the bills. Rather, I mean giving it away in a way that generates light and warmth to those who receive it. Every act of kindness we perform or receive generates "human light" — emotional light that imparts a sense of brightness and warmth. I want to "burn" the $1000 and transform every dollar into human light.

My Project:
I propose to take the $1000 and hide it across Boston in 100 different locations. It could be between the pages of a popular book at the library. Tacked to the cork board of a cafe. Taped to the window of an MBTA train. Or tucked under the windshield wiper of a car that has just gotten a ticket.

Each $10s would be folded into a brightly-colored paper note that would tell the finder what it is. Something like this:


"Lady Luck is smiling down on you! Take this $10 & use it however you like. Treat yourself to a sandwich, see a movie, or pay it forward to someone else!

"Money is best if burned. — And we're burning it on you!

"If you'd like, let us know how you used the money at: [project website / FB page] Or, just enjoy the cash!

"Made possible by the Awesome Foundation."


Unexpected acts of kindness like this can cause a chain-reaction that resonates through communities. A recipient of kindness is more likely to pass that kindness along to others who they meet that day, Those people in turn will pass along kindness to the next person they meet. These 100 surprise $10 bills could start a conflagration of kindness in Boston.

I don't expect Boston to be permanently changed for $1000 – not at all – but I hope it will be a slightly brighter, slightly warmer city to live in than it was before.

With a smile,

Financé par Boston, MA (May 2018)