Dirty Beach Club

Simply, we clean the beach.

I was walking Formby Beach one day, when I managed to fill a bag full of plastic rubbish after five minutes. Outraged I took to Facebook to see if any friends would join me in trying to collect more plastics the following week. Only my friend, Bertie King, and my Nan came forward to help. But now two months in, we have over 100 volunteers turning up to our monthly events!

To date we've collected over 30 bin bags full of rubbish and single-use plastics from our beaches, our oceans and in turn the bellies of our fish. Plastic consumption is currently becoming an internationally recognised disaster. We aim not only to tackle to physical waste, but the wasteful lifestyles that we have come to live. With each event we are discussing change.

Подкрепен от Liverpool (April 2018)