The #Eating Project

Hello friends,

My name is Joseph Alnarshi and I am nominating a friend's project for the $1000 grant opportunity! The project is the known mostly as the "Flint #Eating Garden" and it was started by a group of wonderful individuals. The organization's name is Team Gardens and the founders include three University of Michigan graduates including two former football stars. Vincent Smith, Martavious Odoms, and Sonya Sutherland created this concept during their college days. As Martavious and Vincent were originally from Florida, They decided to start the first Community Garden in their hometown of Pahokee.

From there, Sonya and Vincent quickly shifted their focus to find a location in Michigan to begin a Community Garden in an effort to help the underserved population. With the help of other former football players, Vincent and his team made the decision to make their newest location in Flint, Michigan.

Подкрепен от Ann Arbor, MI (January 2018)