Let Them Know It's Christmas Day

As the sole provider of advocacy and support services to over 1100 grandparent carers, GFGSA is acutely aware that many clients have trouble providing the basic necessities for the grandchildren in their care, and any extra cheer on Christmas Day is usually beyond their means. The vast majority of these grandparents receive no government assistance, and do what they do for love of their often traumatised and at-risk grandchildren.
Every year, GFGSA manages to raise some funds for the purchase of Christmas food hampers from Foodbank SA, but each year it becomes harder to meet demand. As a fully volunteer organisation, GFGSA does not have access to much in the way of disposable funds, but we believe that, if for only one day a year, as many as possible of our clients deserve to enjoy a special meal with their grandchildren.

Подкрепен от Adelaide (February 2018)