Systemic Consensus Voting App (sexy title needed!)

Hi Awesome Foundation Team,

I want to get a phone app developed that will record & calculate the voting preferences when a group of people vote the using the Systemic Consensus Voting method.

The app would be a bit like the Doodle Poll phone app., but is simpler, & would deliver a much more sophisticated outcome.

Standard democracy (first past the post) & Consensus Voting (75% majority) leaves up to 49% & 25% of constituents unhappy with a voting outcome.

Systemic Consensus Voting resolves this problem simply, easily, and fairly. Instead of voting 'for' something (& against something else), voters consider the needs, concerns & feelings of their fellow constituents. Voters then vote for options that they are 'least resistant to', or more simply, they vote for things that they 'can live with' / works best for the overall welfare of the whole group. The option with the least resistance is the 'winner'.

It's a bit like the preferential voting system used to elect Federal Senators.

Who knows, it might even superseded the cumbersome white senate ballot paper, or even smooth a pathway for direct democracy.

This video gives a good overview of how it works.

Подкрепен от Adelaide (August 2017)