The Protégé Project

The Protégé Project: Ward 8 Homework Assistance and Empowerment Program is a new non-profit program that is specifically crafted to address the obstacles that impede on the academic and personal achievements for at-risk African American boys between the ages of 10 to 14 within the Ward 8 neighborhood of Washington, DC. The program aims to combine innovative after-school homework support with community participation, mentorship-participants, which will improve their oral and written communication skills, and as a byproduct instill self-confidence in the boys through the safe and supportive environment.

In Washington, D.C., particularly neighborhoods East of the River, African American boys face the grim realities of poverty, violence and a lack of meaningful educational opportunities. Although many nonprofits are working to resolve these and many issues plaguing the community, there are not enough efforts to completely rectify the harms that result from the institutional challenges these boys face. To help find a solution, a group of community members who are passionate about changing the future and breaking the cycle of institutional and systemic issues facing the community have decided to create a nonprofit that supports educators and parents to assist students in becoming productive members of the Ward 8 community.

Подкрепен от Washington, DC (September 2017)