Spark Music Festival

My name is Richard Garvey. I'm a musician and music promoter from Kitchener, ON.

I am working as Artistic Coordinator with Spark Music Festival in Waterloo, ON.
The 2012 festival is set for May 26th.

We have received lots of support from the Trillium Foundation and The City of Waterloo to operate this festival. The funding we have received has been allocated for promoting the festival and renting Waterloo Park and creating a stage for the day. What we need is more cash to pay the bands, and to be able to hire the best bands possible.

Spark music festival is an eclectic music festival. Showcasing all types of music. We focus on promoting local musicians, connecting community members to local art and to local organizations that do good work in our community.

At the festival several local organizations that do environmental and social justice work will be present and have a chance to meet new people who might be interested in supporting their advocacy by volunteering, donating or creating awareness.

This is the second year for spark. With the first festival being 2010. It was a learning experience. We had amazing national talent like rock band Zeus. We took a year off to re-vision and apply for grants.

Подкрепен от Kitchener-Waterloo (January 2012)