DisabilityAfterDark Podcast

The DisabilityAfterDark Podcast is the only podcast dealing specifically with the often undiscussed topic of sex and disability. It is completely self-produced by Andrew Gurza. In its 54 episodes, it has amassed over 14,400 downloads and have featured topics around sex and disability that we rarely talk about; consent and disability, the realities of sex, sexuality and disability that do not get touched upon.

The program also opens up a platform to allow disabled people to come on as a guests and assert their sexuality by telling their stories about sex and disability in their own words. So often when we hear about sex and disability it is not from a first person narrative, and this program aims to change that.

Lastly, DisabilityAfterDark is a program that can help to educate the non-disabled community around sex and disability. It helps to answer their questions, makes them think, and gives them a whole new perspective they may not have considered.

What our grantee is saying: "I am so honored to receive the #AwesomeDisability Award for DisabilityAfterDark. It means so much to me because I self-produce the show, and it is currently one of the only programs focusing on sex and disability exclusively. To be able to receive funding that I can use to grow the program, and open up conversations around sex and disability even more is just, well, awesome."

Image description: Andrew Gurza's shirtless silhouette sits in his wheelchair against a dark blue background. "DisabilityAfterDark with Andrew Gurza" written in yellow lettering above this image. Come As You Are Cooperative Logo on bottom left of this image.

Подкрепен от Disability (August 2017)