One of the projects we have undertaken as an organization has been to provide libraries for different programs. In these endeavours, we work to donate the supplies necessary to have a substantial library addition to their facilities with no cost burden to their budgets. We recognize that the budgets of these programs are not always able to allocate funds for promoting literacy or the arts when they are often strained to provide for the day-to-day essentials. We provide resources by donating the physical supplies necessary while also donating our time and efforts in building the libraries. Books for a Benefit provides a large number of books fitting for the age ranges of program participants, furniture such as bookshelves and seating for reading areas, decorations, as well as painting and cleaning supplies. The combination of these resources and our efforts in cleaning library areas, assembling furniture, and sorting donations creates a desirable library area to enjoy the books. Our organization has been able to build libraries in a variety of areas including the youth shelter services program Matrix Off the Streets in Detroit, Cornerstone Community Outreach in Chicago, Illinois, and PRIMO Center for Women and Children in Englewood through Alternative Spring Break Trips to Chicago. Books for a Benefit aims to promote literacy and increase interest in literacy in youth populations. Our efforts have allowed us to create environments that promote and facilitate interest in reading through providing a safe, calm space to escape into the stories. Our impacts have been long lasting in these communities as the libraries provided will remain with the programs and the interest sparked in the youth will follow them throughout their educations.

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