Re-Animated! An Exquisite Corpse Event

SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) - we make unusual things and show them in unusual places.
Animators don't get out much, the work is painfully slow and when our members collect enough new works, we screen, in theaters, cafes, barns, on walls, kites, warehouses…
We need to get out and throw a party. Our last in 2009 was the Funtacular, a mobbed animation event with four projection screens featuring twelve local artists. Our first new event of 2012 is an exquisite corpse animation custom devised by us, and we need to pay the artists.

Re-Animated! will be held on art walk at Zeitgeist in Pioneer square, and feature three projections, on screens and windows, and four of our flying cinema kites suspended from the ceiling. In addition to new works, seven animators are shooting an original collective film (the exquisite corpse) to be premiered that night.

Bringing animation to non-film locations has been one of our best activities. Outside our globally touring animation program, we've created animation installations at Susan Robb's Long Walk (2011), Arabica Coffee (2011), Zeitgeist (2009) and we're embarked on a commission in Cal Anderson park to animate a wall mural for Sound Transit over the course of four years.

Подкрепен от Seattle, WA (February 2012)