"Kids Get Stressed Too!"

"The Kids Get Stressed Too!" educates children about stress and teaches healthy coping strategies. Many people believe that stress is an experience unique to adulthood, however, the reality is that, children and youth are more vulnerable to stressors than adults. This vulnerability is due to a child's underdeveloped repertoire of coping skills.Resiliency is the ability to overcome and adapt to stress and adversity. The program allows children to develop competency, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control."Kids Get Stressed Too!" program uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to teach and reinforce coping strategies.The sessions include; Self-Regulation: ability to identify and manage feelings, thoughts and behaviours (critical to help children cope with stress);Belief & Feeling Good: ability to succeed, feel good about one's self and feeling valued by others (self-esteem, self-confidence); Optimism: promotes positive thoughts, elevated mood and healthy behaviours; Trust: fosters strong social support networks. The program objectives are to:
* promote positive mental health in children
* educate children about stress and coping
* equip children with helathy coping skills to manage stress in their everyday lives
* facilitate positive changes in kids' thoughts, feelings and behaviours
Children repeatedly have described the program as "awesome"!

Подкрепен от Kingston (May 2017)