Resilience Emulsion for Birds

I have a lifelong love of birds and have worked with them since I was a small child. Veterinary care for birds is difficult to come by as so few animal doctors are familiar with avian physiology or endocrinology. It's also prohibitively expensive to visit a veterinarian, especially if you are managing a flock of chickens or looking after a wild nestling that's fallen out of its nest.

I've created a special, all natural emulsion paste that effectively boosts the immune systems of several very different species of birds, both captive and wild.
This product, " Resilience for Birds" works as an alternative to antibiotics and anti-parasitic remedies, which are often misused, or ineffective and may prove toxic to birds with compromised immunity.

My primary objective is to wean poultry enthusiasts and pet bird aficionados off of antibiotics and anti-parastics and provide bird lovers with a go to remedy that rapidly and efficaciously boosts the immune systems of birds both as preventative and curative. .

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Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (December 2017)