The Authentic Child

Nicole is a child and family counsellor who, for many years has counselled teenagers who have lost their way.
Many times it is due to them making bad choices while not dealing well with life's ups and downs, family breakups, and handling their anxieties, emotions or being bullied
The Authentic Child PLANTS the SEEDS for emotional wellness.
Most children haven't got strategies when life is hard, but resort to alcohol and drugs as a means to emotionally survive.
In 2015 the suicide rate of under 15s increased by 92% !!!- that doesn't include those who wanted to kill themselves, OR tried to, but weren't successful. It's heart breaking.
Nicole believe that if we, as parents and adults teach our children from a very young age (from 3 years) to be comfortable with discussing and understanding their emotions, this is the key to our children living their BEST lives.
Almost 25% of Australians battle with some form of mental illness in our lives-and anxiety is the highest percentage.
The Authentic Child teaches children from 3-12years, ways of dealing with life: ups and downs. They remind children that being their authentic selves is the key to happiness and to make the best of their personalities and own individual strengths is more fulfilling than striving to be like someone else. They teach public speaking and debating-as this has proven to be one of the biggest obstacles for our children in school (these start from kinder)
They do this by using several fun mediums such as drama and scaffold learning techniques, and introduce them to different ways to handle stress and handle their anxieties yoga, mindfulness ,meditation. The Authentic Child has hundreds of costumes, props, microphones, resilient building games and a place to discuss their worries is a safe and loving environment.

Подкрепен от Newcastle (June 2017)