Generating a Generation of Givers in LA South Bay

We believe that when people get involved in giving while they are young it establishes a pattern of giving that will follow them throughout their entire life. For most students, money isn’t often set aside to help others. As a result, world issues often revolve around what’s going on in their own lives instead of what’s going on around them. We believe that giving students the opportunity to learn about humanitarian issues and empowering them with a voice in how we should find and fund sustainable solutions is a giant step towards generating a generation of givers who espouse empathy, engage social issues globally, and are overall better neighbours to those around them. The Kutoa Classrooms platform addresses this head on by educating students and giving each one a vote, which in the end funds great projects that make a lasting difference to those in need. Kutoa provides educators with free curriculum that allows them to talk about sensitive humanitarian issues in age appropriate ways. From food security through the World Food Program to borderless medicine through Doctors Without Borders, Kutoa presents a different humanitarian theme each month and 3 project through our charitable partner that will address the need at hand. Each student is then given 1 vote for one of those 3 projects and the projects. Our platform is socially integrated so students can share what they are for with those they know and give them a chance to join in as well. The project with most votes at the end of the month is granted all of the funds collected that month. It’s that simple and it is that easy to engage a whole generation of future leaders. At present, Kutoa has classrooms in 4 countries (CAN/USA/AUS/NZ) and, as word gets out, is growing quickly at raising awareness, engaging youth and making a real impact through the projects we fund. Being web-based has allowed us a global reach while keeping our operating costs at a level way less than a bricks and mortar operation.

Подкрепен от LA South Bay, CA (April 2017)