Lemonade Day Louisvile

Lemonade Day is a national organization that focuses on empowering youth by teaching them the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Each lesson covers a different aspect of building a business-from obtaining investors to creating a marketing plan, these lessons are then put into action as the kids execute their own business-a lemonade stand. The curriculum also focuses on setting of clear goals related to what the kids will choose to spend on themselves, what they will choose to save for the future, and what they choose to share back with the organization of their choice.

Lemonade Day is currently in a number of surrounding cities (Indianapolis, Chicago), and our focus is in bringing it to the Louisville area. We are working with the Louisville YMCA as well as Global Game Changers to be the cornerstones for distribution of this project to kids ages K-5. Additionally, parents/mentors can sign their kids up online and work directly with us.

The first ever Louisville Lemonade Day will be held Saturday April 29, 2017. Our goal is to have 500 kids participate in year one, and grow to 2000 kids by year 3.

Подкрепен от Louisville, KY (February 2019)