Without But Not

When I lived in Denver last year, I was so full of hop and love for the homeless population. I dreamed of having a dinner, block party, a giant picnic, or something of the sort. Basically, I dreamed of starting a movement.

At this dinner party, everyone would be invited! This would include but not be limited to the homeless, the churched, disabled, abled, CEOs, janitors, etc. It would be something simple: pasta, salad, tea, beer. At this dinner, I believe it would be important to have cardboard boxes. And each person would be invited and encouraged to write: "Without this but not that."

Without arms but not ability.
Without a home but not love.
Without family but not friends.
Without work but not hope.
Without debt but not despair.
Without child but not memories.

I've been gone from the city for about ten months, and I can't shake this desire. People need to know people for who they are and not for what they portray because of where they stand or what they hold or how they dress. People need people to live and grow. And I fully believe that we all have an innate desire to live life to the fullest. We have to do that together, but before we can, we have to be real.

My desired has grown, and I have a huge hope to do this in several cities in the US. If able, I'd spend some time in each of those cities, connecting with locals, and researching a good place to have this Without But Not Party. And from the events, a blog/vlog will be created and turned into a book.

Social media will be used heavily, and others will be urged to help end a stigma that needs not exist.

People are people are people are people. Regardless of socioeconomics, people are people.

Подкрепен от Boulder, CO (October 2016)