The Mission

The Mission is a digital comedy series about pressing global issues at the UN. It's a vehicle to poke fun at some of the absurdity of the UN world (it takes VEEP and Parks & Rec as inspiration), but it's also at its core a vehicle to engage our audience on critical issues and diplomacy.

The idealistic Jasmine (aka JAZ), joins the ragtag team at the Canadian Mission. She's raring to run their campaign for the UN Security Council, the committee of powerful countries that governs global war and peace. But just as things start to go right, an even more lovable candidate announces it’s running, too. Sweden.Damn those beautiful, meatball-loving egalitarians.

Each episode follows the arc of the race, Jaz's personal leadership journey, and zooms into a critical issue.

Media plays a key role in influencing individuals, including their career decisions. This series features a woman in a leadership role at the UN, which is important for young women and girls to see. They can begin to see themselves in that role. We not only hope to make the UN funny, but also decrease the gender gap in leadership.

Our "one issue, on episode" format allows us to dive into issues like girl's education, reproductive rights, and economic empowerment. Marie-Marguerite’s years of expertise in digital campaigning and issue-driven storytelling built at Purpose means we can activate follow-on campaigns online. The team’s deep networks in the humanitarian space will allow us to partner with the right organizations doing impactful work (e.g. partnering with Biolite on clean cookstoves for women).

This show is at its core diverse and international. The creators and our broader team of collaborators and informants are American, Canadian, Indian, Italian, Egyptian, Swedish, and more. This diversity informs the writing, casting, narrative, and tone. Why diverse? As Trudeau famously said, “because it’s 201(6).” It’s an actual reflection of what the US, Canada, and the world look like now.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (November 2016)