Boys Build

Boys Build is a program sponsored by The Flower House Collective members and is lead by national exhibiting artists Darnell Chambers. Boys Build introduces new builders and youth to a broad range of materials and tools. We believe hands on learning is important to the lives of young men. Our kids work on individual and group projects with real tools and materials while engaging in creativity, problem solving, safety, and respect. Our goal is to share the joy of building, revising, and repairing. The program will be held at the Flower House community space on Penn Ave. The goal of our program is to lead young boys away from the school to prison pipeline, and equip them with basic handyman skills they can utilize. Our main mission is to develop young boys with active and creative minds. We will encourage imagination and problem-solving skills of our boys by showing them that they can learn to make anything they want with the help of some wood, a hammer, and some nails. This we will do by engaging the whole child: mind, eyes, hands, ears and bodies are all part of the learning process. Our workspace, materials, and teaching methods are interwoven to create safe and creative educational experiences for mainstream, special needs, and gifted/talented learners. This is what will make Boys Build so effective. Not to mention they will be working beside mentor-men who will be showing them the importance of safety, respect, and building from their own minds.

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (October 2016)