Made-Up Memories

Made Up Memories is a generative workshop where people of all ages make their own fictional autobiographies. Think of it as a new way to teach history. Participants are presented with a series of facts on how ridiculous the notion of facts is. Memory is objective and this is an invitation to make up their own history. They go on a journey. Through a series of creative prompts, participants write, draw, and express their stories. The workshops can also be curated towards a specific theme. An archive would be presented where a participant can use it, re-interpret, remix it, and create his own version of history more relatable than any concrete objective factual history. Physically, the workshop is also an opportunity to get crafty. Participants can choose to express themselves and their fictional autobiography through a number of zines, or more accurately, paper toys. What is generated in the workshops will then be used to produce a publication. Made Up Memories, the book, will be a print of all the best, funniest, simplest, most insightful, "I remembers" that we find together. This is a cathartic experience where people shed skin, let go of past demons, and relate to each other fictionally in a way not possible through an imposed reality. .

Подкрепен от Miami, FL (September 2016)