Piano in a Fishbowl

The Port Authority is the world's busiest bus terminal. Each day, this workhorse brings over 225,000 passengers into New York City.

Nobody likes a commute but pianist and transportation advocate Adrian Untermyer thinks that a piano could make this one just a little bit better. The Terminal's South Building is home to "The Fishbowl", a vacant, glass-encased platform where the Operations Control Center once stood. It's prominent, visible to thousands, and the perfect place for a baby grand piano.

Adrian is working to transform the Fishbowl into a performance space that will enhance the lives of those thousands of daily commuters. The piano will be provided by Sing For Hope, an organization that places pianos in parks and other public spaces around New York City, and the Awesome Foundation grant will support some of the more technical aspects of this project, like sound and lighting systems.

With a proposed launch of October 2016, we are very excited to see what changes a little music will bring to this public New York space.

Подкрепен от New York City, NY (September 2016)