You know how Year 12 students often crumble from stress due to the HSC?

HSC Hero is a website that provides free online video tutorials for HSC 2016 students especially those who are financially and geographically disadvantaged students.

We're a team of 3 under 21, living in South Western Sydney and our vision is to encourage and empower others to learn. As recent graduates from high school, we felt as though it was really unfair that some of us could not afford extra help and tuition simply because our parents didn't have enough money. So after high school we wanted to make learning easier for everyone especially those who need extra help. We used our graphic design experience and worked with HSC tutors, teachers and students to create short video tutorials based on each of the dot points required in the syllabus. This way learning can be interesting, easy and affordable.

We love to learn and it makes us saddens us when students hate learning. Most of the times, it was because they didn't understand the material being taught and this had an extremely negative impact on their lives and even their mental health. We not only want to help students access awesome resources but to motivate them and show them that there are many great opportunities in life!

We are currently funding HSCHero ourselves. I created a graphic design business to ensure that HSCHero stays afloat, especially in the beginning. We had a soft launch last month and are currently talking to over 5 disadvantaged schools in the West and have around 80 sign ups growing more everyday.

Our aim is to help over 2,000 HSC students and 20 high schools before the HSC Exams and finish more subjects. We are currently working on Chemistry and Physics and should have them ready in the next few months.

We're extremely passionate about empowering others to learn and we believe that humanity's problems can be solved through education, learning and awareness.

Подкрепен от Sydney (July 2016)