Free Water Safety and Basic Swimming Skills album

Magical Music for Life Foundation has identified the need for accessible and easily teachable water safety education for not only all young children, but especially for children diagnosed with autism and other special needs. After the success of our free downloadable basic life skills album, “A Day in the Life of a Child,” we were asked to write an album of songs that will help teach water safety skills.

The music we write is what is referred to as “earworms.” The music is fun with catchy lyrics which stay in one’s head. This is perfect for teaching skills that you want to become automatic with children. As with our other albums, we use children from our singing groups to record the music we write, because children identify with the children singing and as a result, respond to and remember it better.

Our goal is to have the album of 12 - 15 songs completed for Water Safety Awareness month in May 2017. This includes composition, arranging, rehearsing, orchestrations, printing scores/music, recording, mixing, mastering, and production of the CD for free download and distribution.

After final production, we will be contacting numerous agencies and organizations serving young children with autism and special needs, as well as other organizations serving normally developing children, to inform them that this music is available as a free download. Also, we will offer to send free CDs to the organizations.

With drowning ranked as the leading cause of death in typical children under the age of five and under the age of 14 for children with autism, this album not only will save lives, but also help lower the number of children with permanent disabilities. As statistics show, for every drowning death there are 15 emergency room admissions resulting in brain related injuries. With over 16 years of experience of writing music for children, Magical Music is confident and excited for another opportunity to use music to better and save the lives of children.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (August 2016)