Finance Education - Empowerment for Low-Income

The Beyond Limits Community Development Corporation in partnership with the Leon County Family Literacy Services Program will conduct a six-week finance education series for the empowerment of low-income individuals in our community. This six-weeks financial skills development program will address many of the social and economic problems that low-income individuals face due to having bad credit, high debt, and making poor financial choices that cause them to be more vulnerable to sudden economic shocks such as health emergencies or unexpected job loss. This program offers assistance in identifying and correcting poor spending habits that hinder the economic growth of their families. Proper financial habits not only benefit families but the communities they live in. All participants will receive personal hands-on learning experiences in the following topics:

• Identifying wants versus needs
• Creating a personal spending plan
• Managing debt
• Understanding the use of credit cards and debit cards
• Understanding the industry FICO Score Chart
• Review their credit report and how to fix it and increase their FICO score
• Financial institutions versus high-cost check cashing companies
• Creating family wealth for the next generation

What we have found alarming is that many of the individuals that we have taught personal finance education to were doing everything right, except did not track where the money that they were spending. Therefore, they ended up in financial stress which started an emotional roller coaster that consumed the entire family in a negative way. Improper financial habits not corrected are passed on to the next generation. This is a tradition we are working to minimize for a better financial tomorrow.

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