Classroom Freedom

I am a high school Physical Science teacher at Calvin Christian High School. I have been teaching for 9 years and I love it. I am especially good at using technoloty in the classroom. I have a masters in Educational Technology form CMU.

My problem is that in using technology I am often tied to my computer at the front of the classroom. I want to be able to wander throughout my classroom while I teach and give individual help, instead of being anchored to my computer. For this reason I am applying for this grant to purchase a tablet computer. By using a 7 inch tablet and the app called Pocket Cloud I will have the ability to control my desktop and projector remotely. This will allow me to be able to teach from anywhere in the classroom. I will be able to give individual help to students who need it while still being able to direct what is being presented and what is going on in the classroom. In addition to this I will be able to use the tablet while I am out of my classroom doing labs. We often do labs that require more space outdoors or in our gym.

Подкрепен от Grand Rapids, MI (March 2012)