Mokha Origin

We are going full speed preparing for Demo Day of the Harvard President's Challenge. This is our shot at a $100,000 prize purse.

Our goal is to have a national product and be on track to see Yemen's coffee sector double in size in ten years. Accomplishing this means job opportunities supporting 650,000 people in Yemen.

To achieve this we additionally need to hone our marketing and create a product design that we can use for a national product. We have fortunately found a team of three designers from the Harvard School of Design who are doing this work for free. But once they are done, we need to custom print small runs of coffee bags and marketing material.

As part of that, one of our most pressing need and where we would spend AF grant of $1000 would be getting our coffee on the shelves of Whole Foods, a premium grocery store in the US. Doing so demonstrates the viability of our business.

Подкрепен от Dubai (January 2014)