Kingston 2 Kingston

We are a group of around twenty students that attend Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Grades 11-12, with the exception of one student who attends Regiopolis Notre-Dame . Every year, students submit information and essay towards why they should be chosen for the mission trip; only a fraction of the people are chosen. Over the past years, the Holy Cross mission teams travel from Kingston, Ontario to Kingston, Jamaica for a week of helping various troubled places around the city. Our group will visit St. Monica's Home for the Abandoned Elderly, Riverton City Early Childhood Centre, St. Margaret's Human Resource Centre, and participate in a number of activities. The difference between our group and groups from the past is that we want to leave a special mark from our Kingston community to theirs. We are hoping to build a house for a local family through an organization called Food for the Poor. We want to build a house in a day for a family that will move as soon as we are complete, taking them off the streets. The house build has never been done before as the money has never been able to be raised but this year we have a great group of willing students who have raised money for the house build but we have not reached goal and the fundraising for the house build has stopped.

Подкрепен от Kingston (January 2016)