Plant Synths and Kits

I run workshops exploring creativity and electronics. I want to develop kits that will help people build their own electronic instruments that use plants to make sounds. I will deliver workshops with groups of children and young people in Liverpool using the kits. Funding would allow me to spend time on the development of the kits, the planning and delivery the workshops. The aim of the workshops would be to help children and young people to learn about electronics in an unusual, fun and creative way. The kits will be designed so that people do not need specialist materials, access to specialist equipment or have previous knowledge of electronics to make them. I find using accessible materials can make electronics more inviting to people with no previous experience. The instruments will use accessible materials such as card and copper foil tape as well as electronic components. People will be able to build their projects easily and customize them after they have built the circuits. The kits will use visual instructions, and a circuit diagram which people can build their circuits on top of, to make them more accessible.

The kits will use plants and leaves as parts to make up synths, engaging children and young people with nature and technology. I want to encourage curiosity about the environment as well as technology, by taking a different approach to working with nature and using materials in different ways. The workshops would be run with groups of children and young people in the local community. I've been talking with John Bligh at Harthill youth centre (he's a music youth worker) and he’d like me to could run some sessions at the centre.

Подкрепен от Liverpool (November 2015)