Second Puberty

Second Puberty is an upcoming edutainment video intended to provide education for trans and non-binary individuals considering starting Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We'll be using a number of old puberty videos as our inspiration – you know, the ones you saw in middle school that taught you all about the joys of menstruation, wet dreams, and increased body odor – and updating them with essential information about the experience of "second puberty." Second Puberty will touch on both the physical and emotional aspects of HRT, offering an honest, celebratory, and humorous look at the experience.

The Second Puberty team includes experienced sex educators, and will be collaborating with a number of medical professionals and individuals currently undergoing HRT in order to provide a well rounded, diverse look at the wide range of second puberty experiences out there.

To the best of our knowledge, no one's ever created a professional video on the subject of what to expect from HRT as a trans/non-binary individual. Furthermore, most of the information that exists on the topic isn't easily accessible or understandable for the general population – it's very dense, with a great deal of medical terminology that can make it difficult to understand at worst (and very, very boring at best). Our aim is to create something that's entertaining and easy to understand – breaking down the experience of HRT in a way that'll make sense for everyone.

Though Second Puberty is primarily intended for people who are considering going on HRT, it will also be helpful for family members, partners, friends, and allies of trans and non-binary individuals as well, allowing them to understand the experience of HRT as they seek to support the trans and non-binary individuals in their lives.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (September 2015)