Oakland FIGMENT is a free, family-friendly, interactive arts festival that will take place in Mosswood Park on October 24th, 2015. In partnership with Oakland Parks and Recreation we will bring over 100 art projects, performances, installations and interactions to the neighborhood. Our organization's principles calls for no commerce or corporate sponsorship so we rely on funding from the community and foundation support.

While we do understand commerce is necessary for any artist or performer, we strive to bring an experiential art experience to our community without the expectation of a transaction. Also by our own rules, we do not curate or dictate what is art, allowing anyone to participate without our approval as long as their project poses no danger. With a grant from the Awesome Foundation we will be able to provide micro-grants to our participating artists during this season’s festival and to support their supply costs.

Подкрепен от San Francisco, CA (September 2015)