Block 1750 Buildout!

Block 1750 ( is a non-profit Dance Studio / community center that provides a home for people of all ages and backgrounds. A place where kids can go to study, relax, hang out with friends, and build their leadership skills through dance. A place where dancers, artists, and community members can utilize one of the nicest dance floors in Colorado for a creative endeavor of their choosing. A place where the purpose is community.

The Block was built from scratch by Boulder dancers and business people wanting to make a lasting impact on youth. We spent 3 months of double shifts, late nights and good times building a 2000sqft sprung dance floor (donated in part by Denver Hardwood flooring company) and a 1000sqft chill area, fully involved with a kitchen, furniture (donated by the Painted Furniture Company in Boulder), and office/study room. We opened our doors in June of last year, and have hosted hundreds of classes (we have ~4 classes every weeknight), workshops, and random awesome events supporting local youth and the Boulder community at large.

The Block boasts exceptional diversity: we have had multiple people come to our events and tell us outright how blown away they were by the ethnic, background, and age diversity they saw. If you live in Boulder, you know diversity isn't exactly our strong suit.

Подкрепен от Boulder, CO (August 2015)