Pop-Up Puppet Truck

Have you ever been stuck in rush hour traffic? More specifically, Chicago rush hour traffic? After another long, stressful day at the office nothing is more welcome than 2 hour drive to a destination 7.9 miles away, right? Well if we're stuck in our vehicle anyway, we might as well be entertained.

I propose to use my awesome grant to convert the back of my 2003 Ford Ranger into a pop-up puppet theater which will intentionally get stuck in rush hour traffic. The shows will be put on by puppeteers from the around the Midwest, and will cover a range of subjects and themes. The overall goal is to provide frustrated commuters relief from the stresses of everyday life, and allow for a break from the ordinary. The intention is to create a buzz and develop an appreciation for chance sightings. The truck will conduct shows in both the Minneapolis and Chicago areas.

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (August 2015)