Nemo's Garden

Our company is researching and developing a new form of agricolture.
This new form takes place underwater, where we can utilize the natural properties of the oceans : stability of the temperature, isolation from harsh elements and parasites, increased pressure for accelerated growth and natural filter from UV rays.
Also, we create fresh water through natural evaporation, meaning that we don't consume any kind of energy to desalinize water for crop use (and maybe also for other uses).

We have created underwater habitats, domes, we call biospheres. inside these biospheres we have air - inside this aerial form environment we plant our seeds whom then are nurtured by the warmth of the surrounding water, watered thanks to natural evaporation and, possibly grown faster thanks to the pressure .

What sounds complex, is very easy to understand through our videos on the website.

Our aim is to continue develop these ideas and technology to bring this system to every place where it is needed.
Logic tells us that keeping in mind the human migrations mostly towards the equator regions; the amount of water on earth compared to land; the excessive pollution of land and over cultivating; lack of resources and increase of population; lack of (especially in the equatorial regions) soil, stable comfortable temperature for cultivating, water etc - Nemo's Garden could be a perfect fit, especially for developing countries and any region where traditional agricolture encounters difficulties or is not possible.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (October 2015)