The Global Citizenship Summit

The second annual interdepartmental College-wide event, the Global Citizenship Summit, will take place during International Week on November 18th, 2015! This year, we are making it moer interacting and on a grander scale. Here is how you can help!

The theme: #debunkthemyth

Would you answer "yes" to any of these questions:
Do you have access to clean drinking water every day?
Is your home considered adequate shelter?
Have you had access to education?
Are you free to love whomever you want?
Do you feel safe to worship in the religion of your choice?
Have you ever fought in a war?

Through the Global Citizenship Summit at Lambton College, privilege and stereotypes will be openly discussed and addressed. Our interactive stations, community members and groups, and with the help of the Awesome Foundation, our keynote speaker will provide a space to relish in the fact that what we share is greater than what we don't!

Подкрепен от Sarnia (August 2015)